Poem What Is Red

Poem What Is Red: Meaning, Themes, Moral Values and Moral Lesson

Meaning Poem What Is Red
Red is sunset
Blazing and bright.
Hot and bright sun

Red is feeling brave
With all your might.

Bravery and strength/power

Red is a sunburn
Spot on your nose

Nose that is burnt by the sun (when you are under the hot sun for too long)

Sometimes red
Is a red, red, rose.

A rose (the flower)

Red squiggles out
When you cut your hand.

Blood that comes out of a cut finger/hand

Red is a brick
Brick that is used to build houses and buildings

And the sound of a band.
Loud and high pitch sound of a musical band

Red is hotness
You get inside
When you’re embarrassed
And want to hide.

The great feeling of embarrassment makes you feel like hiding from other people (Some people blush when they are embarrassed – their faces turn red)

Fire-cracker, fire-engine
Fire-flicker red –

Fire crackers, fire brigade or an unsteady movement of flame like a candle or flickering light (like a police car/ambulance/fire brigade)

And when you’re angry
Red runs through your head.

Your head feels hot with anger (hot temper)

Red is an Indian,
Reference to the native American tribe

A Valentine heart.
Romantic love

The trimmings on
A circus cart

The bright red decorations on a circus cart

Red is a lipstick
The colour of lipstick that women love to wear

Red is a shout
Loud call or cry (to show a strong emotion)

Red is a signal
That says: “Watch out!”

A warning of danger (to be on the look-out / to be alert)

Red is a great big
Rubber ball.

A big rubber ball (small children are always attracted to a red ball)

Red is the giantest
Colour of all.

Red is the most widely seen colour around us / the colour that we will notice immediately around us (‘giant’ already means very big. ‘giantest’ is just to make it sound extremely big)

Red is a show-off,
No doubt about it –

Obviously easy to see/notice/display (Some people use red simply to attract attention – maybe for personal reasons)

But can you imagine
Living without it?

he question emphasizes the fact that our life would be dull and boring without red as a colour in the world.

Themes, Moral Values, Moral Lessons

 Courage
 Red is the warmest of all colors.
 Positive versus Negative
 Prosperity
 Life and vitality

 Bravery/Courage
 Determination
 Love
 Positive attitude
 Confidence

 We should have a positive attitude in our daily life
 Have self confidence in doing everything and anything
 Be brave/courageous in facing the challenges in life
 We must try to control our anger or temper
 We should not be hateful towards others
 We must try to change our bad behaviour

Positive and Negative Traits of Red :
Positive keywords include:

 action
 energy and speed
 attention-getting
 assertive and confident
 energizing
 stimulating
 exciting
 powerful
 passionate
 stimulating
 courageous and strong
 spontaneous
 determined
 Adventure

Negative keywords include:
 aggressive
 domineering
 tiring
 angry
 quick-tempered
 cruel
 fearful
 intolerant
 rebellious
 hateful
 violent

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