Poem Sad I Am

Sad I am Form 1

Poem Sad I Am: Meaning, Themes, Moral Values and Moral Lesson

Stanza One
I am
The persona thinks/feels that he is like…
the ring
from an empty Cola can
The ring of a can which people always throw after opening the can before drinking

the scrapings
from an unwashed porridge pan
The food that is stuck at the bottom of a pan which people scrape off/remove before washing the pan

the severed arm
of last year’s Action Man.
The broken arm of a toy (called Action Man) which was bought/used last year.

Stanza Two
I am
The persona thinks/feels that he is like…

the envelope
The envelope on which the gum is gone
which cannot be used because the glue is not sticky anymore

the Sellotape
where you can’t find the end
The cellophane tape that angers/annoys/ Irritates people because they cannot find the end of it

the toothless stapler, springless bulldog clip
The things that anger/annoy/irritate people such as a stapler that has no bullets/staples in it or a clip that has no spring/grip, so they are useless when people need them

the dried-up liquid paper
that mars instead of mends
The liquid paper that cannot be used anymore because it has dried up. It smudges/dirties the paper (mars) than it helps (mends) to erase/correct the mistake

the stamped addressed reply
that you forgot
to send
The letter (as a reply to someone) which you already wrote the address and put a stamp on, but sadly you forgot to post it!

Stanza Three
I am
The persona thinks/feels that he is like…

the battery in which no charge is left
The battery that cannot be charged at all, so it is now useless

the starter motor which remains inert
The motor/engine that has no power

the tyre on which the tread is worn
The tyre that is already worn out and dangerous to be used, so it has to be replaced with a new one

the sparking plug which shows no sign of spark
The sparking plug that does not work

the carburettor choked by bits and dirt
The carburettor cannot function because it is filled with dirt and dust

the chromium trim from which the shine has gone.
The metal plating that is no longer shiny.

Stanza Four
I am
The persona thinks/feels that he is like… a garden

overgrown with weeds

A garden which is neglected (not being taken care of)

a library book

that no one ever reads
A book in the library that nobody is interested to borrow/read

a stray
that no one thinks to feed
A stray animal that is not being given food by anybody

the piece of good advice
which no one seems to need.
An advice which is very good but nobody wants to follow it.

 Sadness
 Self-pity
 Loneliness

 Confidence
 Determination
 Positive attitude
 Courage
 Appreciation
 Gratitude

 Self-confidence is the key to personal success
 We must be determined to improve ourselves for the better
 Always try to be positive in life
 Be brave/courageous in everything we do
 Appreciate what we have
 Appreciate others
 Be grateful to God for His blessings

 STANZA 1 : feeling unwanted
 STANZA 2 : feeling useless
 STANZA 3 : feeling old
 STANZA 4 : feeling neglected

Note :
 The title ‘Sad I Ams’ tells us that the whole poem is about the overall feeling of sadness.
 I Ams is used because ‘I am’ is the beginning of every stanza – used FOUR times in the poem.

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