Poem News Break

Poem News Break Form 1

Poem News Break: Meaning, Themes, Moral Values and Moral Lesson

Stanza One
Now why so loving,darling,
The persona, who is the parent(father/mother), is asking his/her child the reason for being in a loving mood

And why the sudden kiss?
The child does not usually kiss his/her parent, so the sudden kiss is a surprise

You’d help me with some little jobs?
The persona/parent asks if the child wants to help him/her

For goodness sake, what’s this?
The persona/parent finds the child’s behaviour quite strange / not normal

Stanza Two
Your face is clean for once, dear.
The child’s face is normally dirty but not today

Your clothes without a crease.
His/her clothes are neat and not crumpled/creased

You saved your luncheon money?
The persona/parent is shocked that the child does not spend all the money given to him/her to buy lunch

Will wonders never cease?
The persona/parent finds it amazing and still cannot believe what he/she sees

Stanza Three
No dropping of your school books,
Usually, the child would just drop his/her schoolbooks when he/she gets home

No shrieking, childish treble.
and would be making a lot of noise

Today, you are a lamb, love,
but today, he/she is very well behaved – just like a lamb

Where yesterday a It was just yesterday when
rebel. the child was behaving badly

Stanza Four
But surely you’re some stranger,
The persona/parent still cannot believe that the child is very good today – almost like a stranger

No rage or hullabaloo. The child is not angry or
making a fuss

Come closer, let me look, dear,
The persona/parent asks the child to come nearer to him/her

Can this be REALLY you?
Still, the persona/parent cannot believe the changes in the child today (sudden & drastic changes)

Stanza Five
Now were you struck by lightning
The persona/parent asks jokingly if the child was struck by lightning (something very tragic or dramatic)

Or were you stunned at sport?
Or maybe the child was shocked or surprised by bad sports news

Ah…now I see the reason.

Now, the persona/parent realises the reason for the child’s strange but good behaviour today

You’ve brought your school report!
The child has brought home his/her school report, and from his/her good behaviour, it seems that he/she does not want to be scolded by his/her parent

Note : ‘darling’, ‘dear’ & ‘love’ are terms used by most parents when talking to their children.

 Honesty is the best policy
 Courage
 Respect your parents
 Truth hurts but works
 Hard work pays off

 Honesty
 Courage
 Determination
 Confidence
 Respect
 Truthfulness

 We must struggle for success
 Always speak the truth
 Respect our parents and those older than us
 Always be on our best behaviour

 STANZA 1 : Surprise
 STANZA 2 : Confusion
 STANZA 3 : Comparison
 STANZA 4 : Wonder
 STANZA 5 : Realisation

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