Poem My Hero

Poem My Hero: Meaning, Themes, Moral Values and Moral Lesson

Meaning Poem My Hero
Stanza One
My dad’s as brave as a dad can be
The persona makes a statement about his/her father as a brave/courageous person (a father is normally brave)

I rate him Number One,
In his/her opinion, his/her father is the best

He’s not afraid of the dead of night,
His/her father is not scared of the quietest and darkest part of the night

Or anything under the sun.
Or anything that exists around us. (It can also mean that his/her father is not afraid of anything during the day)

Stanza Two
He’s not afraid of a late-night film,
Full of horrors on the telly,

The persona’s father is not scared of watching horror movies on television late at night

And is he afraid of skeletons?
Not dad, not on your Nelly!

He is also definitely not scared of skeletons. (“not on your Nelly!” is a British expression which means “Certainly not!”)

Stanza Three
He’s not afraid of meeting ghosts,
The persona’s father does not fear meeting ghosts (something that most of us are scared of)

He’d even smile and greet ‘em,
He can even smile and greet or talk to the ghosts. (‘em – informal British or American, short form of ‘them’)

And things that scare most dads the most,
My dad could just defeat ‘em.

His/her father can also beat/overcome many things or problems that other fathers are afraid of/cannot do.

Stanza Four
He’s not afraid of vampires,

The persona’s father does not fear vampires

Or a wolf-man come to get him,
Or a wolf-man that is going to attack him

If Frankenstein’s monster knocked on our door,
He wouldn’t let that came to their house. upset him.

He would not be worried or scared even if the horrible Frankenstein’s monster

Stanza Five
My dad’s as brave as a dad can be,
The persona makes a statement about his/her father as a brave/courageous person (a father is normally brave) – it is repeated to emphasize his father’s bravery/courage

And he’s always ready to prove it.
He is willing and confident to show his bravery/courage

So why, when a spider’s in the bath,
Does Mum have to come and remove it?

The persona admires his/her father and is proud of him, but he/she cannot understand why his/her mother has to get rid of a spider (just a small insect) that is in the bathtub. (Perhaps, his/her father is scared of tiny insects!)

 Bravery / Courage
 Heroism
 Admiration
 Father and child
 Leadership by example

 Bravery / Courage
 Admiration
 Confidence
 Love
 Respect
 Helpfulness

 We should appreciate the qualities of our fathers
 We have to be brave/courageous in any situation
 We should show good examples to others
 Parents are brave/courageous in their own ways
 Family unity is important
 We should show our gratitude to our parents by helping them

Stanza 1
 The darkness or quietness of the night
 Anything or everything around him /during the day

Stanza 2
 Horror movies on television at night
 Skeletons

Stanza 3
 Ghosts
 Things that scare other fathers

Stanza 4
 Vampires
 Wolf-man
 Frankenstein’s monster

Stanza 5
 Spider

Synopsis Poem My Hero
The personas admires his father a lot. He describes his father as very brave and not afraid of anything. Due to this, he rates him as Number One. His father who watches horror movies late at night will not be terrified by any scary scenes or skeletons. If any ghost appears in front of him, he will either greet them fearlessly or fight them off. Horror figures, ugly or scary looking creatures do not give him the creeps even if they appear at his door. However, his only weakness is – fear of spiders.

Paraphrase of The Poem
Stanza 1
The persona is very proud of his father. He feels that his father is a very brave man. To him, his father is Number One as his father is fearless and not afraid of the dead of night and anything under the sun.

Stanza 2
The persona says that his father is not afraid to watch horror movies late at night. Horror scenes do not terrify him or hinder his father from watching the movies.

Stanza 3
According to the persona, his father will not be afraid if he encounters ghosts. He is of the opinion that his father would even smile and acknowledge them. In his eyes, his father dares to fight against things that most other dads are afraid of.

Stanza 4
The persona’s father will not be intimidated by horror figures like vampires, wolf-man or Frankenstein’s monster even if they appear at the door.

Stanza 5
The persona says his father is as brave as a father can be and he’s always keen to show it. However, he is curious about something. Whenever his father sees a spider, he will not touch it and mother has to come to help him.

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