Drama A Night Out

Drama A Night Out: Synopsis, Character and Characteristics, Theme, Setting Value and Messages, Point of View, Plot

Towers Chandler is an ordinary man living in New York. He earns very little but once every ten weeks, he dresses up and goes for a meal at one of the best restaurants in the city. On one of his nights out, a girl named Marian bumps into him on the street and falls, hurting her foot. Chandler invites him for dinner. They talk and Chandler pretends to be a wealthy man who does not need to work. Marian seems to lose interest in him. After dinner, they go their separate ways. At home, Marian and her sister talk about a kinf of man they would like to marry. Marian reveals that she cannot love a rich man who does not to work.

(1) Appearances versus reality
– The main character in this play-Towers Chandler-dresses like a rich man and dines at an expensive restaurant.In reality he is just a wage earner.
– Chandler meets Marian who is wearingan old hat and a cheap coat. He thinks she is just as shop girl. In reality,Marian is from a rich family with a maid and chauffeur.

(2) The importance of character
– Marian is a from a rich family, and she she is expected to marry someone equally rich. However,she feels that she can only love a man who does some kind of work, and not a rich loafer.
– If Chandler had been truthful with Marian, she would let herself fall in love with him. Unfortunately,Chanler’s dishonesty causes them to miss the chance of true love.

Main : Tower Chandler, Jeff White, Marian
Minor : Mrs Black, Sissie,Marie

Moral Values
Honesty, prudence, contentment
Physical : new York
Time : E 20th century
Social : American urban society

Language and Style
– simple and direct, repetition, irony, comparison and contrast,symbolism

– Appearance can be deceiving
– Be yourself
– Character is more important than wealth

Point of View
– Third person omniscient

(1) Exposition
Towers Chandler is all dressed up like a rich man for a night out. He meets his friend, Jeff White, and tells him about his habit of saving one dollar a week so that he can enjoy the lifestyle of the rich once every ten weeks.

(2) Rising Action
A girl dressed in an old hat and cheap coat knocks intoChandler and falls, hurting her foot. Chandler invites her to have dinner with him. The girl, Marian, asks Chandler what he does. Chandler pretends to be rich and tells her he does not work. Marian loses interest in Chandler and they go their separate ways. Chandler disappointed and regrets not telling Marian the truth.

(3) Climax
Marian return home and gets a scolding from her sister for disappearing for two hous. It is reavealed that Marian is a from rich family.

(4) Fallng Action
Marian talks about her wish to marry a man who has important work to do even if he were poor.

(5) Resolution
Marian thinks Chandler is just another rich man and says that she cannot love a man like him even though he is attractive and kind.

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